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Okay lets get something straight no matter what happens every person you have seen, talked to, or even never met will be there jumping your ramps telling you what YoU should do with the ramps and none of them will help build them try to find at least one person who is willing to help but not take the whole project into their hands

choose a spot that is isolated from society (mine is in my backyard) cut down or dig up any trees in the way (small trees don't be stupid and build a trail where you'll have to dodge 50-75 foot tall trees)

when building a ramp try to throw a rocks or big branches in it because a ramp requires alot of dirt I would advise you to have a landing ramp because I have a two foot ramp and I come down  hard pat it down good you will need rakes shovels a wheelbarrow would be very useful and a weed- whacker

Pictures coming soon!!!!