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On August 19 2000 the sickest of all riders will come together in search of one thing GOLD
Flatland, Street, Dirt, Vert, now once you seen these pros hit 360 whips you'll be on your ramp falling flat on your face then getting up they trying it again coz you

don't give up that easily

street gold Dave Mirra this guy just went crazyy pulling off  almost every trick including the double back

gold Jamie Bestwick pulled off first look down flair and won first gold in vert
silver Mirra did a variety tricks
bronze Hoffman coming off injury did a great job


Gold Ryan Nyquist i was really gald to see him take it home he  pulled of a TRIPLE TRUCKDRIVER and after a fall on the second set he agin speed over the drop in and just went crazy with a720 over the third and final