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First i want to sorry for the long time without an   update but this one has it all Now for all the beginners there is a beginner section full of tricks and all you can find it in the BMX Academy  if you go to the gallery there are still no pixs but there will be couple more things i am taking off the faq and glossary coz no one is mailing me

Soon there will be videos to go along wiht the trick descriptions but for just try the trick
Tonight at 9 pm CFB hosted by Mat Hoffman airs on espn and it comes on later in the night on espn2   Click here for more info
WOODWARD!! if you went you know what  i'm talking about  if you didn't you can see it on espn 8-2-2000  or espn2 7-31-2000
9 p.m.-10 p.m. or if you can't wait then go to for full coverage

The X is near August 19 espn, espn2, abc                   

this soon to be great site is brought to you by me X-dogg  this site will cover everything a rider needs to know I will update it almost everyday there will be 2000 x-games coverage an FAQ , glossary, gallery, schooling section and more to come!!!!!!!!!!!